Mountain Blossom Perfume by Fleur De Cafe Price: $98

Mountain Blossom Perfume by Fleur De Cafe
Mountain Blossom Perfume by Fleur De Cafe
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Mountain Blossom Perfume by Fleur De Cafe
Introduced by Fleur de Café, Mountain Blossom perfume possesses the essence of Costa Rica’s coffee tree flowers. This unique feminine scent has the coffee flower’s freshness and richness. It comes in a luxurious glass-cut bottle ideal for this refreshing and exceptional product.

For the first time, the coffee flower’s natural essence is used to create a world class perfume. Sabine de Tscharner, a leading perfumer, who has worked for many internationally-renowned brands, was part of the team involved in the development of this exotic fragrance. After five years of research and testing, Mountain Blossom was created.

Mountain Blossom’s coffee tree flowers are grown at the La Arcelia coffee plantation in the province of Alajuela. While visiting Costa Rica, Charlotte Robert envisioned this product amazed by the beauty of its scenery and the coffee flower’s aroma.

Mountain Blossom…a flower, a fragrance, a great adventure!

Proudly made in Costa Rica!

EDT Spray 1.7 OZ

Costa Rican Coffee Flower
Costa Rican Coffee Flower