Rocking Chair Assembly

Rocking Chair Assembly
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Rocking Chair Assembly
Our rocking chairs are easily assembled. Just a few simple steps and you will be all set to start rocking. The photo shows how the rocker is separated for shipping.


1- Phillips Screwdriver
2- Flat Head Screwdriver
3- Rubber Mallet

1- Chair Base
2- Rockers (2)
3- Chair Back
4- Support Struts (Rockers Only) (2)
5- Screws (4 long, 2 short)

1- Put Chair Base (1), opened, upside down on protected surface. Attach each Rocker (2), with flat end to front, by matching front two holes in Rocker to legs of Chair Base and firmly tapping Rocker into place with rubber mallet.

2- Set Chair Base upright, folded half closed. Attach Chair Back (3) to Arms by matching each hole in Chair Back to peg at rear of Arm and firmly tapping Chair Back into place with rubber mallet. Use 1 long screw for each side and secure Chair Back to Arms but do not fully tighten. Then, use 1 long screw for each side and secure Chair Back to base, but do NOT fully tighten. Once both sides are secured, fully tighten all 4 screws.

3- Insert a Support Strut (4) into a Rocker hole. Use one short screw to secure Strut to Back of Chair. (NOTE: The Chair Back does not have a pilot hole for this screw, so carefully screw Strut to Chair Back where Strut naturally fits). Repeat on other side.

4- In Tall Chair models, swing down the Head Rest Strut into Support Screw and Rock On!

Folding rocking chair for storage or transportation: For Tall Chair models only: First, lift Head Rest Strut and swing it down. For all other models: Pull sides of Leather Seat up and Chair will fold.

Care and Maintenance
1- Mahogany wood: As needed, use any quality furniture polish, furniture oil or varnishing material.
2- Leather: As needed, clean with any type of leather balm, saddle soap or oil.