Baltimore Oriole Plush

Baltimore Oriole 5.5" Plush
Baltimore Oriole 5.5" Plush
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Baltimore Oriole 5.5" Plush
Baltimore Oriole

The Baltimore Oriole is a passerine bird, measures 17-22 cm in length. It has a sturdy body, a longish tail, fairly long legs and a thick, pointed bill. The male oriole is slightly larger than the female, although the size dimorphism is minimal. Adults always have white bars on the wings. The adult male is orange on the underparts shoulder patch and rump, with some birds appearing a very deep flaming orange and others appearing yellowish-orange. All of the rest of the male's plumage is black. The adult female is yellow-brown on the upper parts with darker wings, and dull orange-yellow on the breast and belly.

Habitat & Range: High up in large, leafy deciduous trees, in open woodland, forest edge, partially wooded wetlands or stands of trees along rivers, but do not generally reside in deep forests. In recent times, it is often found in orchards, farmland, urban parks and suburban landscapes as long as they retain woodlots.

In Costa Rica, the Baltimore Oriole is found from sea level to about 1500 m. on both sides; amounts in smaller numbers to 2000 m. It is most abundant in the Pacific, especially in the lowlands of the northwest and the Central Valley.

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