Barn Swallow Plush

Barn Swallow 5.5" Plush
Barn Swallow 5.5" Plush
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Barn Swallow 5.5" Plush
Barn Swallow

The Barn Swallow is the largest range in the world. It is a small bird; the adult male is between 17 and 19 cm in length and weighs between 16 and 22 grams.

Its upper part is metallic blue and his forehead, chin and throat, reddish. A thick dark blue stripe separates the chest and abdomen throat whitish. The outer tail feathers are elongated, which gives it the distinctive look of the swallows deeply forked. Has a line of white spots along the outer edge of the top of the queue. The appearance of the female is similar to the male, but the tail feathers are shorter, the blue top and the breast band are less glossy and the chest and abdomen are paler.

Habitat & Range: Close to the ground or water early in the morning, in the evening or in bad weather, usually rises higher at midday on sunny days. Individuals spend spaced, low over the rows and higher above the valleys. During the winter prefers open areas such as gardens, pastures, rice fields, and swamps.

In Costa Rica, the Barns Swallow is most commonly encountered along of both coasts and more sporadically in smaller numbers throughout the lowlands of both slopes and up through the Central Valley.

Specific Plush Details
- Highly detailed design
- Realistic facial features
- Quality fabric
- Ultra-plush stuffing
- Sound