Hanging Lar Gibbon Monkey Plush

Hanging Lar Gibbon Monkey 14" Plush
Hanging Lar Gibbon Monkey 14" Plush
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Product Description

Hanging Lar Gibbon Monkey 14" Plush
Lar Gibbon Brown

The Lar Gibbon Brown varies from black and dark-brown to light-brown, sandy colors. The hands and feet are white-colored; likewise a ring of white hair surrounds the black face. Both males and females can be all color variants, and the sexes also hardly differ in size. Gibbons are true brachiators, propelling themselves through the forest by swinging under the branches using their arms. Reflecting this mode of locomotion, the white-handed gibbon has curved fingers, elongated hands, extremely long arms and relatively short legs.

Habitat & Range: Lowland dipterocarp forest, hill dipterocarp forest, and upper dipterocarp forest, including primary lowland and submontane rainforest, mixed deciduous bamboo forest, and seasonal evergreen forest.

The Lar Gibbon Brown is not usually found higher than 1200 meters above sea level.

Specific Plush Details
- Highly detailed design
- Realistic facial features
- Quality fabric
- Ultra-plush stuffing
- Velcro in hands and feets