Baby Peacock Plush

Baby Peacock 8" Plush
Baby Peacock 8" Plush
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Product Description

Baby Peacock 8" Plush

The Peacock is a specie with a strong sexual dimorphism. The male of this species has a length between 100-115 cm from beak to tail, reaching 195-225 cm until the end of the long feathers when fully developed. Its weight is 4-6 kg. The female is smaller, with a length of about 95 cm and a weight of 2.75 to 4 kg.8.

The plumage of the male has a wide range of colors including blue iridescent highlights, shades of green, gray, brown, bronze, copper, white, black and gold. The female has a less showy plumage, which includes colors like brown, reddish brown, metallic green and white.

Due to different genetic mutations, there are different variations of plumage phenotype, these can be: white, bronze, cameo, charcoal, jade, midnight, opal, peach, purple and taupe.

Habitat & Range: Deciduous forests, wet and dry, but adapt their life growing in regions around human populations and often where water is available. It lives altitudes below 1800 m.

The Peacock lives in regions close to the 2000 m rarely.

Specific Plush Details
- Highly detailed design
- Realistic facial features
- Quality fabric
- Ultra-plush stuffing