Tarantula Plush

Tarantula 12" Plush
Tarantula 12" Plush
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Tarantula 12" Plush

The Tarantula is very liked to keep in captivity. Their colors are the most attractive to keep as pets. Its general coloration of the body in both genders is black with orange or red patches in the joints of the legs, this color being more intense in the knee. The shell has a yellowish hue in outline, while the abdomen has small coffee pilosities its back.

Adult female has a length of 10 cm, with legspan 15 to 18 cm and a weight of approximately 15 to 16 grams. Adult male has 9 cm in length with a legspan 16 to 18 cm and weighing 13 to 15 grams. Females may live up to 30 years, while males can live 5 to 6 years.

Habitat & Range: Wooded areas, although breeding season is easily observed cross roads of the villages near their range. It can live in holes made by other animals or make its own hole, usually vertical walls in open areas.

In Costa Rica, the Tarantula is distributed in the foothills of the Central Volcanic Range, Cerros de Escazu, San Carlos high zones and Sarapiqui, Sierra de Tilaran, San Isidro de Heredia and Tapanti. Wetlands and storm water from 500 to 2000 m.

Specific Plush Details
- Highly detailed design
- Realistic facial features
- Quality fabric
- Ultra-plush stuffing