Baby Toucan Plush

Baby Toucan 8" Plush
Baby Toucan 8" Plush
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Baby Toucan 8" Plush

The Toucan, also known as the Common Toucan, is the largest and probably the best known species in the toucan family. The life expectancy of the Toco Toucan is between 10 and 15 years.

It has a striking plumage with black body, white throat and blue eye-ring. The most remarkable feature is, as always, huge yellow bill with a black spot, which seem heavier despite incredibly lightweight as it is practically hollow inside. Toucan usually has an average length of 63 centimeters, of which the peak occupies about 20 cm and reaches a weight exceeding 500 g. About the paws it has two toes forward and two steps back, so it can better grip onto branches. No sexual dimorphism between males and females.

Habitat & Range: Wide range of semi-open habitats such as woodland, savanna and other open habitats with scattered trees, plantations, forest-edge, and even wooded gardens.

The Toucan is mainly a species of lowlands, but occurs up to 1750 m (5750 ft).

Specific Plush Details
- Highly detailed design
- Realistic facial features
- Quality fabric
- Ultra-plush stuffing