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We are set on establishing long time relationships with our valued customers like yourself, as we have been doing for the last 18 years!!!! We will go the extra mile to make sure our products will give you a huge smile and happy memories. We are Costa Rica's #1 wholesaler and retailer of Costa Rican rocking chairs!

In 18 years, CostaRicanMarket.com has built up a solid track record of delivering great products to our diverse range of clients throughout the world. Welcome!

We ship to any location in our beautiful country. We export worldwide.....Thank you for your continued support!.....

In an environment of peace and with our best wishes, we offer you a large variety of Costa Rican leather rocking chairs. Each piece reflects the talent of the artisan and our traditions.

Our handcrafted and durable rocking chairs are manufactured with only the highest quality wood and will last a lifetime. Decide now which one of your children will inherit this beautiful work of comfort, durability and design. You might consider buying two so that you won’t need to fight over who gets to relax in the most comfortable chair in your home.

The pattern of the wood makes each piece unique. All of our products are hand sanded to a fine finish to enhance their beauty and magnificence.

We export worldwide and also give you the service of shipping to any location in Costa Rica.

Come and enjoy our beautiful products!

CostaRicanMarket.com is 100% Costa Rican ownership.
All products are manufactured and shipped directly from Costa Rica.

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