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Welcome to our wholesale section!

I am pleased to tell you that now you can buy directly from our talented artisans. These are factory prices! This new initiative offers you competitive pricing of their great products.

Our wholesale catalogs include rocking chairs & accessories, cutting boards, jewelry and many household gift items. Hope you enjoy them!

Following are the wholesale policies:

- Prices do not include shipping charges

- Wholesale Orders Production Time: 4-6 weeks (this may vary on very large orders)

- Minimum Order Amount: $1000 of merchandise per catalog

- Minimum Quantity per Code per Product Category:

- Rocking Chairs & Accessories - 2 pieces
- Woodcrafts VM - 12 pieces
- Woodcrafts SS - 12 pieces

- We accept wire transfers as a form of payment only. You can wire the funds to our US account. Bank info is in the order form. No credit cards are accepted for wholesale orders.

- Full payment is required to proceed with the order

- Complete the Wholesale Order Form and forward it to us. We will review it and get back to you.

You can download the catalogs at the following links:

Rocking Chairs & Accessories Wholesale Catalog & Price List

Woodcrafts VM Catalog & Price List

Woodcrafts SS Catalog
Woodcrafts SS Price List

Order Form Rocking Chairs
Order Form Woodcrafts

If you prefer to receive this catalogs and price lists via email, please contact us at

Any questions? We would love to hear from you. We appreciate your interest in our products!


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