1820 Coffee Costa Rica - Ground

1820 Coffee Costa Rica - Ground
1820 Coffee Costa Rica - Ground
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Product Description

- 1820 Ground Coffee to satisfy the most demanding taste!
- Pack of 500 grams.
- Guaranteed freshness!
- Ideal to share with friends and family!
- Perfect to serve with any food.
- Ideal for gifts, tea parties, school snacks, for lunch boxes, quick snacks, and family get togethers.
- Proudly made in Costa Rica.

Qualities of Ground Coffee

Coffee is a 100% aromatic, characteristic of the best coffee in Costa Rica.
The right color, in order to be consistent and highlight the qualities of coffee in both dry and after preparation.
Grind suitable for the process of preparation does not affect the taste of the same.

Qualities of the Drink

100% Pure Coffee Flavor.
It is a balanced coffee flavor talking about his sweetness and acidity for leaving a pleasant sensation on the palate, allowing even take unsweetened.
It has a fine bitter characteristic that differentiates it from other coffees in the market, demonstrating the superiority of the raw material used in its manufacture.