Britt Coffee Costa Rica - Decaffeinated

Britt Coffee Costa Rica - Decaffeinated
Britt Coffee Costa Rica - Decaffeinated
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Product Description

Café Britt uses a European Water based process to decaffeinate the highest quality beans. This high grown and carefully harvested Costa Rican coffee is one of the finest pure varieties to decaffeinate.

It's really hard to tell this is decaf, due to the dark roast they give it, ensuring an improved and unique taste, not normally found in any other decaf beverage.

Costa Rica has been recognized to produce one of the finest coffees in the world. At Café Britt, they want Costa Ricans to appreciate the coffee, which makes us famous.

Café Britt is treated with the most advanced technology to extract caffeine, without affecting the delicious aroma and rich flavors of Café Britt.

With Britt Decaffeinated, you can enjoy the taste of Costa Rican export quality coffee, without caffeine.

Among coffee gourmets, Costa Rican coffee is famous for being one of the finest coffee varieties to decaffeinate.

Net Weight: 12 oz (340 grs)

Grind: Ground & Whole Bean

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