Britt Coffee Costa Rica - Espresso

Britt Coffee Costa Rica - Espresso
Britt Coffee Costa Rica - Espresso
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Product Description

Café Britt Espresso has a rich, natural sweetness and delicious intensity making a superb espresso, cappuccino, latte, or café au lait.

It is a widely recognized fact that Costa Rican coffee makes some of the best espresso due to the natural sweetness and acidity of the pure, high grown Arabica beans. Café Britt has created its own unique blend of pure estate marked Arabica coffee for its espresso. Through careful selection, we have created a mix of beans suitable for a very dark roast, characteristic of the finest Italian espresso.

Café Britt Espresso has a full-bodied flavor; its rich and slight touch of acidity are the most sought after characteristics in a superb cup of espresso.


A METHOD OF BREWING - a rapid method of brewing which uses pressure, not gravity, to brew. Espresso is made by forcing live steam under great pressure (150 lbs.) through finely ground dark roasted coffee beans. A DEFINITION OF ROAST - espresso roast is usually dark with traces of oil evident on the surface of the bean. NOT A TYPE OF COFFEE BEAN. A BEVERAGE - the concentrated flavorful essence brewed from the beans.

Net Weight: 12 oz (340 grs)

Grind: Ground & Whole Bean