Britt Coffee Costa Rica - Pos

Britt Coffee Costa Rica - Pos
Britt Coffee Costa Rica - Pos
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Known as Costa Rica's pioneer coffee region, coffee plants from the Central Valley are generally exposed to harsher weather changes, which in turn allow the plantations to grow high-quality hard beans. That, along with volcano-enriched soils and constant rain, makes for a unique coffee producing environment, which is transmitted to the surprising cup qualities of our Poas Volcanic Earth blend.

This medium roast blend has a complex flavor profile of earthy undertones mixed with lemon. It also has fruity and floral characteristics that gives it a very sophisticated flavor. It retains a light acidity from the high concentration of minerals of the volcanic soil it grows in, but is light on the palate and presents itself as an agreeable post-meal coffee that experienced coffee drinkers will appreciate.

Net Weight: 12 oz (340 grs)

Grind: Ground & Whole Bean

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