Our CD Wholesale Catalog

CD Wholesale Catalog
CD Wholesale Catalog
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Product Description

Souvenirs that make you say...ooooooh!

We've put together a fantastic collection of the most popular, top-quality Costa Rican products and brought it to your door. Have the CD (Compact Disk) Wholesale Catalog mailed to you.

Our BIG CD includes:

- Woodcrafts Catalog Section 1
- Woodcrafts Catalog Section 2
- Woodcrafts Exotic & Exclusive
- Wood Jewelry Catalog
- Wood Beads Catalog
- Coco Jewelry Catalog
- Chorotega Pottery Catalog
- Banana Fiber Catalog
- Banana & Coffee Paper Catalog
- Gourmet Coffee Catalog
- Resin Catalog

- Welcome Letter - Who We are
- Order Form (in two versions)
- Interactive Order Form
- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please request wholesale prices lists via email since they are not included in the CD.