Cafe Rica Coffee Liquor
CAFE RICA is the coffee liqueur by excellence. Its name means COFFEE OF COSTA RICA. Only the freshest grains of gourmet coffee harvested in Costa Rica are used. CAFE RICA encases within its essence the taste and aroma that has conquered the most refined tastes in the world. Try CAFE RICA, the Coffee Liqueur of Costa Rica.

We offer a convenient line of souvenirs to remember your time spent in our beautiful piece of Paradise, Costa Rica. We have a great length of products in this category. Look closely, we bet you'll find something you might like.
Costa Rica Beach Bags & Caps
A Costa Rican beach bag and cap are the perfect gift for your special gathering in Costa Rica. A wedding, birthday or corporate event, your guests will have a special keep sake that will make their trip unforgettable.

And if you want more...we suggest to add a beach towel to your gift package.

Most of our beach bags and caps come with embroidery!
Costa Rica Mugs, Tequila and Shot Glass
Take your pick in this wide collection of Costa Rican mugs, tequila and shot Glasses. The colorful print in each one makes them a unique take home gift.

These mugs are wonderful bridal party gifts, bridesmaid gifts, groomsmen gifts, birthday gifts and corporate party favors.
Costa Rica Beach Towels
The Costa Rican beach towels are available in a wide selection of designs. Enjoy the rain forest, dolphin, macaw, toucan, butterfly and many more. They are great gifts for any corporate event, wedding or special occasion.