Manza Te Chamomile Tea Costa Rica

Manza Te Chamomile Tea Costa Rica
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Product Description

Chamomile Tea: (Matricaria chamomilla).

Chamomile, besides being aromatic beverage great-tasting to enjoy any time possesses anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antiseptic, sedative used as an adjunct in conditions like stomach cramps, gastritis, colitis, flatulence, menstrual and digestive tonic is excellent , soothing and calming.

Useful for childhood ailments such as fever, toothaches, anxiety and insomnia.

External use: as a tonic for washing the skin, in case of acne, and eyes in case of inflammation and conjunctivitis, as a wash to keep blonde hair and baths in cases of eczema, hemorrhoids, and scarring. In cases of sinusitis, asthma and colds used chamomile inhalations Manza-Tea.

-Pack of 32.5 grams.
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-Your refreshing aroma satisfies the most demanding tastes.
-Perfect to serve with any meals.
-Ideal for any occasion!
-Proudly made in Costa Rica.