Rainforest Oasis Perfume

Rainforest Oasis Perfume
Rainforest Oasis Perfume
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Product Description

Rainforest Oasis Perfume
Boasting 5% of the world´s biodiversity, Costa Rica is leader in the quantity and diversity of orchids worldwide. The "Guaria Morada", or GUARANTHE SKINNIERI is Costa Rica’s national flower, and the inspiration for the Guaria line of perfumes, consisting of 3 delightful aromas that will indulge your senses.

Rainforest Oasis products combine in a package the Costa Rican flower, its aroma, and the painting of a local artist. This is the perfect gift!

Proudly made in Costa Rica!

Guaria Exotica
Surprising, Unique, Extraordinary
Discover the exotic and unique essence of the green orchid, which grows in a savage way in Costa Rica´s tropical rainforests.

Guaria Mistica
Seductive, Authentic, Mysterious
Seductively mysterious like you, with a very particular scent, the Costa Rican orchids hypnotize and charm.

Guaria Sensual
Natural, Fresh, Irresistible
Inhale nature and capture the fresh and soft aroma of an orchid at sunrise in its natural habitat, the Costa Rican tropical rainforest.

Presentation: Spray 50ml - 1.7 fl. oz