A Souvenir from Chirripo, La Paz, Manuel Antonio & Poas

A Souvenir from Chirripo, La Paz, Manuel Antonio & Poas
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A wonderful book collection from four unique Costa Rican locations!

Souvenir from Chirripo / Un recuerdo desde Chirripó
Chirripo National Park is located in the Talamanca Mountain range, some 20km northeast of San Isidro del General, province of San Jose. Its extension is of 50.150 hectares, which includes paramos, cloud forests and rainforests. Its most important attraction are its glaciers, which include terraces, lagoons and moraines, in addition to the country´s highest peak, the Chirripo, which reaches a height of 3.820 meters above sea level. This park is rich in wildlife, mainly in its Oak Woods, located in the lower areas of the park and in the Paramos, which cover most of this protected area.

A Souvenir from La Paz Waterfall Gardens / Un Recuerdo desde La Paz Waterfall
This private complex of ecological attractions is located on the way to Sarapiqui, Northeast of San Jose. Among its attractions are its gorgeous and well-attended tropical gardens, a huge butterfly farm, a frog farm and a serpentarium (snake farm). But its biggest attraction is the route that visitors can take, walking down a series of a safe, steel network of bridges, balconies and stairways, over the amazing waterfalls. It is one of the tourists’ favorite places because of its great scenic riches and biological beauty, not to mention its comfortable infrastructure.

A Souvenir From Manuel Antonio / Un Recuerdo desde Manuel Antonio
This world-famous National Park is one of Costa Rica´s tourist most visited places because of its great biological wealth and scenic beauty. It is located on the Pacific Coast, 7 km South from Quepos town, in the province of Puntarenas. In spite of its small size, this park is very important because it safeguards a good portion of a tropical rainforest. Its beautiful beaches, South Espadilla, Puerto Escondido and Manuel Antonio, are surrounded by thick forest, where the tourist can see a great deal of wild animals, such as monkeys, sloths, birds, iguanas, crabs, coatis, raccoons and armadillos, among others.

A Souvenir from Poas / Un recuerdo desde Poás
This park is located on the Central Mountain range, 37km north of the city of Alajuela. Due to its great scenic beauty and because this basaltic volcano has an impressive crater, considered one of the largest on the planet, this National Park is one of the most visited parks in the country. This park safeguards mainly a cloud forest that hosts a great deal of wildfowl. Apart form the volcano’s crater; this park has beautiful footpaths that traverse its vegetation packed woods and a lagoon, called Laguna Botos, which was an ancient crater.

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Author: Asdrubal Leiva Publisher: Jadine
Binding: Soft cover
Number of pages: 24 per book
Language: English